Reservoir Gods


download Forget Zelda64 - here is the classic GameBoy game that made Link's Antics so famous. A mesmerising blend of adventure game, arcade action and cuteness, "Link's Awakening" features puzzles and escapades that will have you playing for hours. This was the most requested conversion, and we've brought it to you with colour graphics, trainer modes and another storming MSG tune. Enjoy!

MegaMan II
download The first GBX release demonstrates the capabilities of the new emulator! It's loads faster than the original GameBoy and features full sprite clipping, CinemaScope and Overscan modes. Also features a retro 'GreyScale' mode for that true GameBoy feeling. MegaMan II is an absolutely superb arcade game with four new super villans to defeat. Brilliant graphics and a great new tune from MSG make this a hugely entertaining game. Mega!

Kirby's DreamLand
download A strange but brilliant platform adventure game featuring a cuddly spherical hero who has the ability to swallow his enemies! Kirby can also inhale large amounts of air to float off the ground. MSG has composed a mellow drum'n'bass track that perfectly complements this game. Kirby's Dreamland is a massive game with lots of highly detailed graphics.

download This is the European version of the cult Japanese 'RockMan' game. MegaMan has the ability to inherit the powers of the enemies he defeats. Your mission is to stop Dr Wily and his evil cohorts. The game is not strictly linear - you can choose to battle the enemies in any order - but all must be killed before you can take on Dr Wily. This is an absolutely superb game with great music from MSG. Unfortunately this is a bit slow on standard Falcons.

Super Mario Land
download Mario hits the Falcon for the first time! There can't be anyone who hasn't heard of 'Super Mario Land', but now you can actually play it on your Falcon! Mario has to fight through four worlds to rescue his girlfriend 'Daisy'. There are some nice touches, like the underwater levels which Mario navigates through in a submarine. MSG has done an outstanding remix of the original gameboy tune. Highly recommended.

download Everyone's favourite flying Bomb-Eater hits the GodBoy! Bombjack's task is to zoom around each level collecting bombs and avoiding the various nasties. There are only 60 levels so you will probably complete this fairly quickly. A simple but fun game.

Bubble Bobble
download We just can't get enough of Bubble Bobble! This was our first ever GodBoy release and features sampled sound and multiple musical scores! This differs from the ST version in that you get big bosses to battle after every 25 levels. The game also scrolls, with you only seeing a small amount of the play area. A nice introduction to the world of GodBoy

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