Reservoir Gods


Bubble Bobble
download We continue in our mission to drown the world in different versions of Bubble Bobble! The NES version is pretty good - certainly better than the gameboy one. Well worth a blast, before digging out the real thing - Double Bobble 2000!

download Another great shoot-em-up. In Silkworm you take control of either a jeep or helicopter and basically shoot the hell out of anything that moves. Eight levels of diverse action, lots of big bosses and a good tune from MSG. There is a two player mode, but this can lead to arguments over who gets to fly the chopper!

download Terrible name. Decent game. Flipull is "an exciting cube game". So forget all the dull cube games you've had the misfortune to play and get this instead!

The Legend Of Zelda
download We had more requests for this than any other games - so here it is! Zelda is part adventure game, part action game. Think Sabre-Wulf meets Final Fantasy. On the surface it appears simple, but start delving into the caves and hidden passages and you will discover a hugely addictive adventure game. The score is composed by MSG and Toodeloo and it rocks. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS!

download Jousting warriors take to the skies on big birds. The idea is to poke your rivals when you are higher than them. Also, collect all the eggs before they hatch into enemy birds. And it's a good idea to avoid the fire at the bottom of the screen! Bonkers, but it's made by Atari so there is no excuse for not getting it!

Legendary Wings
download The first shoot-em-up for GodleNES! In Legendary Wings you play some Icarus type bod who takes to the skies to shoot swarms of enemies. There is the usual array of weapon power-ups on offer here. Legendary Wings has two distinct game styles - the overhead scrolling shoot em up, and horizontally scrolling sections where you explore the underground caverns. This features a two player mode and a thumping tune from MSG. How can you resist?

Mario Golf
download A ruin of a good walk... Hit a ball with a stick and try and get it in a hole! Mario Golf has the full range of clubs, water hazards and bunkers that you would expect. Terrible graphics but strangely compelling gameplay. Pringle jumpers not included.

Adventures Of Lolo
download Ignore the misleading title, this is a puzzle game par excellence!. Think Chip's Challenges meets Soko-Ban meets Capy. And they get involved in a bizarre love triangle. Lovely graphics and frustratingly addictive gameplay. Lolo is a real Gem!

Dig Dug
download It's old enough to call 'classic'. It's obscure enough to call 'cult'. We're old enough to know better! As Felice would say: "good, if you like that sort of thing".

download Yes! He's back! The star of the fourth GodBoy release hits the GodleNES. As GodleNES is faster than GodBoy, this is playable even on the slower Falcons. The game is similar to the earlier release, but the level layout on the NES version is different. The final level - which you have to battle through to get to Dr. Wily - is absolutely massive! This is a brilliant platform game! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

download A nice little tennis game with lots of different difficulty settings. There is a two player mode, but both players take the same team in a doubles match. The umpire appears to be a relative of mario! Totally unrealistic and awkward to control! But despite all this, Tennis is strangely fun!

Final Fantasy
download A massive role-playing game! You control four characters and must save your world from disaster. The orbs of power has disappeared and are about to fall into the hands of an evil wizard... Final Fantasy has great graphics, a neat combat system, magic spells, lots of really good puzzles and many interesting characters. This is definitely my favourite GodleNES release so far. A MUST HAVE!

Ice Climber
download This game was considered good enough to bundle with the NES in some countries. You play the role of an eskimo who has to climb a number of mountains using just a pick axe and some very springy boots. Avoid the terrifying seals and birds and get picked up by the pelican at the summit for a bonus. Complete with two player mode!

Rainbow Islands
download Somewhere, over the rainbow... The sequel to Bubble Bobble hits the GodleNES. Rainbow Islands is quite simply the one of the best platform games ever. You have to capture the meanies by trapping them under your rainbows or crushing them under broken shards of rainbows. There are lots of bonuses that can be picked up along the way - some are recognisible from the original Bubble Bobble! The NES version is more colourful than the great ST conversion, and also features extra end of level bits! The music is a stunning drum'n'bass reworking of the bubble bobble theme by MSG.

Space Invaders
download The earth is under threat! Space Invaders, from outer space, have hatched a fiendish plan to take over the world by attacking in regular predictable patterns in ships destroyed with one bullet! It is not known whether these invaders are smoking grass.

Super Mario Brothers
download "The brothers gonna work it out!" Mario and Luigi help introduce the NES emulator to the Falcon. This is the classic platform game and is still as playable today as it was when it first came out. Eat magic mushrooms! Scramble down pipes into secret rooms full of coins! Get lost in the maze of the castle! Try swimming with octopuses! This title also features a brilliant remix of the Mario tune by MSG.

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