Reservoir Gods

maggie #7

Maggie #7
This issue has the rather classic TLB rear portait menu picture. Inner Circle release their seminal Decade Demo at a time when the war with TLB was at its height, and childish insults are exchanged between each side. The review continues in this vein with some ill advised insults, but overall giving the production a decent mark. Elsewhere, Inner Circle members are parodied in the humour section. Nothing like a good war to incite great productions. There is a very short (and harsh) review of ULM's "Dark Side Of The Spoon", as the same reviewer awards The Black Cats' "Yo Demo" a higher mark. "Wings Of Death" is one of the most popular games covered here, and it is a real scene production with graphics from ES/Tex, tracker routs from Manikin/TLB, graphics from Tanis/TCB, a novella from Richard Karsmakers/ST News and unforgettable music from Mad Max/Tex. It rocks. The Replicants "Ultimate Ripper" cartridge is examined, and this quickly became a must have for all hackers. Overall, quite a lightweight issue with Sammy Joe contributing little in the way of articles, and both the demo and games sections being unsuaully small. It seems to be put together in a rush, as a lot of articles don't display correctly. This issue will probably be remembered more for the title picture than the contents.


Maggie #7 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Decade Demo (Inner Circle)
  • Dark Side Of The Spoon (ULM)
  • Yo Demo (The Black Cats)
Games Reviewed:
  • A Prehistoric Tale
  • Gods
  • Grand Prix
  • Llamatron
  • Moonshine Racer
  • Navy Seals
  • Team Suzuki
  • Wings Of Death
  • Hidden Strength
  • Mystic
  • Teutonic Nights
  • Zuul
  • Shopper Show

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